Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Metal roofs are very popular in Florida from Jacksonville to Tampa to Miami, FL because of metal roofing's outstanding durability and energy efficiency. The extremely hot and humid climate of Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and across Florida severely shortens the life of conventional residential roofs such as asphalt shingle roofs. Metal roofs typically last two to three times longer than conventional residential roofs and metal roofs offer the best protection against storm-force winds that are common in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and across Florida. Union's metal roofs pass Florida's tough wind codes and our metal roofs are approved for use in the high velocity hurricane zones in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and across Florida. Several metal roofing designs are popular in Florida, including MasterRib, 5V, and standing seam metal roofing panels such as Advantage-Lok II. Light metal roofing colors are also popular in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami and all over Florida as these metal roof colors carry the best Energy Star ratings for reflectivity. Energy Star certified metal roofs have been shown to save up to 40% on cooling costs in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, and across Florida.

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