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Union's ML200 panel is a mechanical lock panel system that can be used for structural or architectural applications. The mechanically seamed standing seam system panel is secured with concealed clips and the standing seam panel side laps are locked together using a rooftop seaming machine. This type of standing seam roof system provides very high wind uplift resistance and structural integrity. ML200 standing seam system can be specified as an accent feature or a total roof system for schools, shopping centers, banks, hotels, offices, and a variety of other applications.


  • Application: Roofing Panel
  • Fastener: Concealed Fastener
  • Coverages: 12" Coverage, 16" Coverage, 18" Coverage
  • Rib Height: 2"
  • Minimum Recommended Slope: 1/2:12
  • Standing seam concealed fastener panel for roof applications.
  • Mechanically seamed.
  • Installs with clips.
  • 1/2:12 minimum recommended roof pitch.
  • Suitable for solid deck or open framing.
  • Applicable for installations requiring weather-tightness warranties.
  • .040 and 22 gauge *Extended lead times and minimum quantities apply.

Substrates and Coatings

  • High Strength Steel Gauge Options: 22 GA, 24 GA
  • Finishes: Painted Panels, Unpainted Panels
  • 24 gauge high strength steel.
  • 0.032" aluminum.
  • Anti-corrosion AZ50 Galvalume coating for painted and AZ55 for unpainted steel.
  • Signature 300 Paint System

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