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General Questions

No, but we do have a list of recommended contractors that can install your roof. These are contractors who have knowledge and experience with our products. Find a contractor.

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Some limitations may apply, but most special trim can be produced after a drawing is received.

Some locations offer financing through a third party. Contact your nearest location for more information.


In this video, we’ll walk you through how to upload your own image, adjust the pre-mapped areas, and apply Union Corrugating products to your roof.


In this video, we’ll walk you through how to use the Union visualizer.


Due to variations in monitor settings and lighting conditions, colors depicted may not be exact representations. To request a metal sample for more accurate color, please contact a Union Corrugating representative.

The Union Corrugating Custom Visualizer lets you interactively experience how metal roofing, siding and trim looks on an actual image of a home. You can also upload an image to design your own home.

Make sure to create an account first so you can save your designs and unlock important functionality in the tool like sharing and snapshots.

Then click “Get Started” on the home screen to start experimenting with different metal products on sample home images that are similar in style to your own. Select a sample image, click the roof, trim or walls and select a product to visualize. It’s that easy!


After applying products to the image of the home, you can click the “compare” button to quickly compare the before/after image, or you can use the Snapshots tool to save different design combinations that you can later come back to. Snapshots will also be imported into your Design Report so you can share or print out a full report of your favorite designs.

You can save your design and snapshots at any time by clicking the “Save” button. You must be logged into your account in order to save.

After taking some snapshots of different designs:

  1. Click the “REPORT” tab,
  2.  Select the snapshots you want to include in the Design Report
  3. Click the “DESIGN REPORT” tab to generate your Design Report

You can share your design report by (1) printing it to PDF and sharing the PDF, (2) using the share button to email the design to any email address or (3) using the Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest share buttons to share your designs to social media. Always be sure to SAVE your design first before using any sharing option.

Click “Upload Your Photo” and upload an image of your home. Our software will automatically prepare your image. Then you can click the prepared areas and start applying products.

No problem! You can adjust the prepared areas of your image. Just click the “edit” button.

Then click on the roof and drag the “handles” at the edges of the outlined area so they better match the contours of the roof.

Metal Roofing

Standard wood grip screws can last up to 15 years (no warranty offered) with optional long life screws that can last up to 45 years (includes warranty).

No, but we do have a list of recommended contractors that can install your roof. These are contractors who have knowledge and experience with our products.

Yes, we make regular and perforated in all colors.

Refer to your nearest location for the most accurate capabilities. There are options for residential and commercial gutters.

The painted 45-year written warranty covers any panels that show cracking, flaking, chalking, peeling, or uneven fading. Please see the “Warranties” category on our literature page for more details.

Yes, we stock 1×4’s. Refer to your nearest location to see what lengths are in stock.

Yes you can if there is only 1 layer of shingles. We recommend 1×4 lathing on 2’ centers and screwing the lathing into the rafters with deck screws.

When installed with solid sheathing, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from rain, hail, and bad weather, much better than other roofing materials.

#2 galvalume (or secondary) is a chemical treated metal that may have a light wavy edge, may be derived from excess inventory, may have a variance in tensile strength, and mostly non-acrylic.

#2 galvalume needs special care before installation to prevent extreme weathering such as black spots on panels.

They are stronger, will not rot, carpenter bee proof, more resistant to fire, capable of spanning further distances, and screws do not back out over time.

Purlin size is based on the building bay width. Example: 4” purlin can span 15’, 6” purlin can span 20’, and 8” purlin can span 25′.

No, but we keep all colors in stock and may be available for pickup within the same day.

Galvalume is a mixture of zinc and aluminum while galvanized is a straight zinc coating.

Yes, panels are cut to the inch (some locations offer cuts to the nearest half-inch) and in lengths up to 48’ which is the limit to which we can deliver. The shortest length we cut is 2’ 6”.

We stock more than 20 colors! Please see the “Color Charts” category on our Literature page or use our Visualizer.

Use sidewall flashing if the side of your roof panel will run along your wall (90 degree bend). Use endwall flashing if the end of your roof panel will run along your wall (match trim pitch to roof pitch).

It is not necessary if you have sufficient moisture barrier and attic insulation, but reflective insulation will provide both moisture barrier and added insulation.

No, we only sell primary. Secondary results in fading and no resistance. Our 45yr warranty panels offer a superior and durable paint system which offers long term savings.

No – it will void your warranty.

29 gauge is primarily used on homes and farm structures, and 26 gauge is more often used on commercial and industrial applications.

Galvalume gives the highest reflective rating at any instant, but painted panels give the best rating over time. White, ivory, and light stone have the highest solar reflective index.

Metal Buildings

Union now offers a full range of secondary structural framing components including Cees, Zees, Receiver Channel and Eave Struts in custom lengths to reduce field cutting. These components are available in standard punch patterns or can be custom slotted or punched to reduce field drilling.

  • C and Z purlins
  • Receiver Channel
  • Eave Struts
  • Base Angle
  • Hat Channel
  • 12, 14, and 16 gauge
  • Red Oxide or galvanized

Yes! We call these pre-engineered metal buildings.

Union now manufactures custom-designed pre-engineered metal buildings for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. We can supply a complete package with factory welded, identified, marked, and pre-punched parts. All kits include a full set of easy-to-use erection drawings.

  • Engineer stamped plans designed to meet local codes.
  • Clearspan buildings.
  • Straight or tapered flanged beams in custom widths and lengths.
  • 26 or 24 gauge premium mill certified steel.
  • Up to 30’ bays.
  • More than 40 colors to choose from.
  • Certified vinyl-reinforced and low-E insulation available.
  • Overhead crane ready haunches.
  • Delivery and unloading services.
  • Full range of accessories, doors, and other options.
  • Fastest deliveries in the industry.
  • IAS Certified manufacturing.