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7/8" Corrugated

Designed for commercial, industrial, residential, and steel-framed building applications, the 7/8” Corrugated Panel provides architects and designers a corrugated profile option which can be installed as both a roof and a wall panel. The 7/8” corrugation height creates the structural integrity required to allow installation over a solid substrate or open framing.


Substrates and Coatings

  • High Strength Steel Gauge Options: 22 GA, 24 GA, 26 GA
  • Finishes: Painted Panels, Unpainted Panels
  • Anti-corrosion AZ50 Galvalume® coating for painted and AZ55 for unpainted steel
  • 26 ga available in Signature 200 Paint System
  • 24 and 22 ga available in Signature 300 Paint System

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