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Union’s ML150 panel is a mechanically seamed standing seam system for architectural applications. The panel is secured with concealed clips and the panel side laps are locked together using a rooftop seaming machine. Typically specified as an accent feature for schools, shopping centers, banks, hotels, offices, and a variety of other applications.


  • Application: Roofing Panel
  • Fastener: Concealed Fastener
  • Coverages: 12" Coverage, 16" Coverage, 18" Coverage
  • Rib Height: 1-1/2"
  • Minimum Recommended Slope: 1:12
  • Standing seam concealed fastener panel for roof applications.
  • Mechanically seamed.
  • Installs with clips.
  • 1:12 minimum recommended roof pitch.
  • Suitable for solid deck.
  • Applicable for installations requiring weather-tightness warranties

Substrates and Coatings

  • High Strength Steel Gauge Options: 24 GA
  • Finishes: Painted Panels, Unpainted Panels
  • 24 gauge high strength steel.
  • 0.032" aluminum.
  • 0.040” aluminum
  • Anti-corrosion AZ50 Galvalume coating for painted and AZ55 for unpainted steel.
  • Signature 300 Paint System

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